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  OPALS™ OPen-source Automated Library System (F05800) Welcome to OPALS! OPALS is a proven, open-source automated library system. Whether your library has hundreds of resources or millions, there is likely a library... $0.00 QTY 
  Product Price  
Annual cooperative support & update fee (F05801)  $500.00 / year
Annual hosting fee (F05802)  $250.00 / year
Annual Textbook Module fee (F05803)  $150.00 / year
Annual Equipment Module fee (F05804)  $100.00 / year
Setup, Configuration and Data migration Fee (non-recurring) (F05805)  $250.00 each
  CERF™ Curriculum Education Resource Finder (F05500) CERF is your authoritative guide to safe Websites by providing authoritative access to resources for over 350,000 unique educational topics. When you use CERF, ... $500.00 /Year QTY 
  Barcode Labels - Printed - Minimum order of 2000 (F07400L) Quality pre-printed barcode labels for error free reading. Each barcode label is imprinted with the institution name. Please specify the library name (31 charac... $45.00 /1000 QTY 
  Laser Barcode Labels - with eye-readable strip (F07400LR) These strips need to be ordered with the same quantity of printed barcode labels. $55.00 /1000 QTY 
  Barcode Labels - Printed Double (F07400LD) $90.00 /2000 QTY 
  Barcode Label Covers 1½" x 3¼" (F07401)  Label protectors are pre-cut self-adhesive, transparent polyester (acid free) film covers engineered to protect barcode labels from wear and tear. Polyester fi... $20.00 /1000 QTY 
  Wireless Barcode Scanner (F07910) Wireless Barcode Scanner ► 2.4GHz Wireless & Wired Connection ► Compatible with iOS/Mac OS, Android, Windows, Linux ► Scan 3 Ways ► 164 ... $150.00 QTY 
  Symbol LS 2208 Scanner with Stand (F07908) Symbol LS 2208 ScannerThe innovative LS 2208 of handheld scanners from Symbol Technologies delivers performance features at an affordable price to make your buy... $240.00 QTY 
  Laser Labels Laser Labels for Barcodes, Mailing and Book Processing. These label sheets perform consistently on desktop printers as well as larger copiers and sheet fed lase...
  Product Price  
Laser Spine Labels (100 sheets) 1" W x 1-2/3"H (F07115L)  $35.00 / pkg
9 items found
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