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MARC Bibliographic Record Reconversion Services

An automated library system is now a requirement for any modern library, yet, library software vendors come and go, computer hardware must be replaced every 3 or 4 years, and software upgrades are often needed. The common resource between every automated library system is an electronic record that follows an International standard. Fortunately an international standard has been developed for MAchine Readable Cataloging called MARC.

Converting the library's manual records into MARC records is the first step toward implementing an automated library system. Maintaining the database with this International standard is the next and ongoing step. A well-constructed well-maintained MARC based database, is your library's transportable link to any library system.

MARC records are intended to last indefinitely and to be transferred from one environment to another. Great care must be taken in creating these records, since the database should outlive us all. So do it right the first time. This requires adhering to standards, a critical part of creating and sustaining a high-quality MARC database.

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